Here are ways to save California’s Native Prince, the Arroyo Toad.

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Pasadena City Council Will Decide on Water Plan in April 2021 | Take Action Now!

Protect Pine Mountain Ridge in Los Padres, an arroyo toad habitat. – Urge Officials to Protect Pine Mountain and America’s Forests

Central Coast Heritage Protection Act is headed to the Senate. Send a letter to your senators to pass the act to protect lands in the arroyo toad habitat. –

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Sign Up to Be a ForestWatch Ambassador in Los Padres National Forest.


Donate to the Arroyo Seco, an arroyo toad habitat.

Center for Biological Diversity – The Center has filed lawsuits to protect the arroyo toad and keep it listed as endangered.

Los Padres Forest Watch – Large population of Arroyo Toad in the Los Padres Forest.

The Nature Conservancy: protects 35,000 acres of San Diego Arroyo Toad habitat.

Buena Vista Audubon Chapter: Conservation Through Education, Advocacy, Land Management, and Monitoring